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Upon arriving at the Bowl, audiences were treated to a DJ set from Z-Trip, who rocked the crowd with favorites from Tears for Fears, Beastie Boys and one of Chester's favorites, Depeche Mode.

The string section remained, giving depth to "Leave Out All the Rest" which featured Bush's Gavin Rossdale making a surprise appearance on vocal.

As stated, this show was meant to be a celebration of Chester's life, and the band managed to fill some of the time between performers showing just how much life Chester had, whether it be mocking his bandmates with Freddie Mercury high notes, stepping behind the wheel of a race car or fully committing to a song about "Unicorns and Lollipops," which had the audience doing call and response to the delight and laughter of Shinoda.

All kinds of fans made the pilgrimage to the Hollywood Bowl for this special tribute to Bennington.

On the shuttle ride in, the bus was filled with Linkin Park fans wearing shirts dating as far back as the disc. A., it was a universal crowd, with this reporter speaking with people who flew in from Houston, Indianapolis and New York specifically for the show.

With Z-Trip's set complete, roadies quickly shuffled things for a quick turnaround, with the show opening with a voice over of all the members expressing how powerful it was to see the messages of support from fans, what an emotional experience it is and how the night was not meant to be sad, but uplifting and hopeful.