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When Hooli Nucleus fails to carry 4K video at a pay-per-view event, Pied Piper tries to generate publicity by live streaming a stunt for an energy drink company, Homicide.

Despite a promising rollout, Erlich's past with the Homicide CEO, and issues with the stunt driver complicate matters and Pied Piper ends up quitting the job and instead live-streaming video of an unhatched condor egg.

Hanneman offers them $5 million despite the lawsuit and Richard turns down Hooli's buyout offer.

Richard quickly begins questioning his decision after learning about Hanneman's mercurial reputation and his excessive interference in day-to-day operation.

Monica privately visits Richard to urge them to decline the offer, calling it a "runaway valuation that they could never live up to", which would result in diluting Series A investors in future financing rounds.