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It tingled as waves of pleasure moved from the throbbing tip to the base of my balls and through to my ass. He lifted up and his t-shirt to expose his smooth hard stomach.

The boy on the other seat now looked at me fixedly and I began to panic a little. The answer to my question soon became obvious as he mirrored what I had just done and rubbed his own crotch. He gently pressed on the smooth flesh creating a gap between his trousers and his stomach and slid his whole hand into his trousers.

I was in my last year at school and on my way to the end of year party that was being held in the sports hall. Of course, I had messed around with my mates a bit.

The usual ‘horse-play’, wrestling with one or two of them on the floor of my living room when my parents were at work.

Today, under my sweatshirt, I was wearing a plain black t-shirt.