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when I usually dump them after a first night of fun..

That’s when he came across a picture of Catherwood, posing in a white dress on a white chair. The two exchanged numbers and went on their first date at a rooftop patio on Queen Street in Toronto. She’s the best baby in the entire world.”The two bought a cottage, recently purchased an apartment and plan on getting married soon.

She had brought a friend to the date (as a bodyguard, he jokes), but Mamourian says they had great conversation.“Since our first date that day we haven’t let go of each other,” he says. Waterloo, Ont., dating coach Chantal Heide says it’s no surprise people are finding love on Tinder.“People go on it to alleviate stress from sexual build up or blow off steam after a break up, or even just to alleviate a feeling of loneliness, and end up finding compatible partners and beginning long-term relationships,” she says.

One survey from e Harmony found 36 per cent of Canadians were dating online and 20 per cent of committed relationships began online. But in a dating world with countless apps and thousands of reasons to swipe, Tinder is often dubbed as the hook-up site, a place where you only go to find casual sex within a few kms of your location.

But one recent unscientific survey from the app found quite the opposite, the According to two surveys by Tinder looking at offline daters (people who never used online dating), the report found Tinder users were more likely to look for committed relationships compared to offline daters.

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