Funny songs about online dating

She filled out a questionnaire and carefully crafted her profile.

Funny songs about online dating

Now she was all by herself in a house secluded at the end of a long gravel driveway. At first, she just tiptoed around the many dating sites, window-shopping in this peculiar new marketplace. It wasn't until the fall that Amy was ready to dive in.

Later, when she puzzled over their relationship, she'd remember this. That had been a fateful move; it made everything easier for him. After the funeral, a grief counselor told her to make no sudden changes in her life for at least a year, and she followed that advice.

I once put “No scrubs” in my profile and someone messaged me asking, “No medical scrubs?

” Needless to say, I didn’t message that person back. Rewriting this song to fit your life is just brilliant for the “About Me” portion.

“Let me upgrade u…I can do for you what Martin did for the people.” Okay, maybe you don’t want to include the MLK bit, but I do find it amusing that Beyoncé compares herself to Martin Luther King. If I were to do this for myself, it would go a little something like this: In Secaucus, New Jersey, I was born but not raised In the closet was where I spent most of my days Chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all uncool And all watchin’ Dances with Wolves right after school When a couple of bears who were up to somethin’ good Started pokin’ around underneath my hood I got one big bang (no theory) and my mom got scared And said, “go to the doctor you might have a tear.” I texted for an Uber and when it came near The license plate said Anal and had a high heel in the mirror If anything, I could say that this Ub was queer But I thought, nah forget it, yo homo, don’t grind while you steer! I obviously have no filter, so don’t feel like you have to be as explicit.