Error updating axis deploy wsdd file

This will work if you are using an Apache Tomcat container.

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Serializer IWAB0398E Error in generating WSDL from Java: Unfortunately do I not get any result data, and gets errors in my jmeter log file, really hope there is someone who can help me. Service Manager.lookup(Service at Tab Client.write Method(Tab at Tab Client.submit Method(Tab at Tab Client$1.action Performed(Tab at javax.swing. Event Queue.dispatch Event(Event at ... I had webservice working exactly as expected locally on our computers..

Cheers Richard Markham ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Smals sluit elke aansprakelijkheid uit in verband met de juistheid, de volledigheid of ... Nielsen, and I am at the moment tried to do benchmarking tests on a web service, through JMeter (I am one form earlier, which had problems with his My SQL server).

Socket Exception: Connection reset by peer: JVM_recv in socket input stream read at The wscompile tools is using the parameter -model "gz" (I get this file of the Hello World of jwsdp1.4). Xy.class -2) I used the tool java2WSDL: java2WSDL -o -l" -n"urn:xy" -p"Xy" "urn:xy" xy. I'm working on Solaris platform with Tomcat 4.1.27, Axis 1.1 and J2SDK1.4.2..

The error is it: "[wscompile] modeler error: invalid entity name: "Array List" (in namespace: " ..." and my wsdl is this: If you are using Axis, try to use TCPMon (TCP Monitoring tool) to look at the SOAP messages that were formed at your end. This is the error I get while trying to rum the Java2WSDL command: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Exception in thread "main"

At the time of this writing, 1.1 is the stable release and 1.2 is in the alpha release. I will refer to this download as the Axis archive from this point onwards.