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The color chartreuse is broadly remembered as a shade of red. The color gets its name from the liqueur, Chartreuse.

The fact is, in this timestream, the color is yellow-green.

In fact, relationships are almost certain to end without the involvement of a trained third party, such as a therapist.

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Also, the prescription of anti-anxiety medications may be used to decrease the feelings of anxiety that may unconsciously prompt the individual to lie.

Again, it must be noted that therapy will only help the individual if they admit they do have a problem.​ Maintaining a relationship of any kind with a person suffering from compulsive lying syndrome can be complicated.

The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences reported that brain scans had found that those with this disorder suffered from right hemithalamic dysfunction.

There are also various psychiatric theories regarding the cause.

There are treatment options for this disorder, but they can only be effective if the compulsive liar agrees to treatment.