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The late rock art researcher, Andrée Rosenfeld, wrote that the claims were speculative and that the argument: More recent research (page 54) shows that there are other images that seem to be intermediate between the Gwion Gwion figures and the Wandjinas, another group of paintings that use a different style to depict figures.

This suggests strongly that there is no strong evidence base suggesting that the painters of the earlier images were anything other than the ancestors of the people who painted the later images.

And is there disagreement among anthropologists on this question? There have been a handful of anthropologists who have argued that Aboriginal people were not the first Australians, but the way science proceeds is that ideas are constantly questioned, tested and replaced.

Some researchers once argued that there may have been three separate population migrations into Australia. More recently, researchers have assessed the earlier work and argued there was only one source population of all known skeletal remains in Australia.

It should also be remembered that Walsh’s interpretation of the Gwion Gwion paintings was a product of its study in colonialist Australia.